What's your Golf / Tennis Style?

Last week I shared a few of my favourite Golf and Tennis outfits that you can enjoy outside of your game play. In case you missed it, we have teamed up with our Muskoka friends over at Open Court this season to bring all of you the best tennis and golf gear from incredible brands (most of which are female founded and focus on sustainable manufacturing). If you are looking for an excuse to dust off your equipment (or maybe invest in some new equipment), I am 100% certain I can keep you well styled on and off the court. 


Check out one of our Tennis Capsules from the Lucky in Love and Sofibella. I love the SPF fabric in these sets and appreciate the comfort of the built in shorts within the skirt. The fabrics were very comfortable to move around and play in and have a substantial feel to them. 


I am a huge fan of clothing capsules and was thrilled to discover how practical the Eliza Movetes Pants are to wear out and about the city. Check out my top pics from the Movetes Spring 2021 collection below. These are all available to ship Canada wide through Open Court


 You can check out our weekly golf and tennis capsules every Thursday over in our Instagram stories. All of our outfit try ons are saved in our highlights so they are easy for you to find when you are ready to shop. 





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