About Us

Clome & Co. is more than an online shopping site. It’s a community where real-life stories are shared, positive and supportive connections are made, and trusted, socially responsible retail products are celebrated. 

“Clome & Co. is about keeping it real, sharing life events—our highs and our lows, having each other’s back, and discovering mindful brands to uplift us and make our lives amazing.”



Our mission is to create a safe space where strength, hope, connections, and community can flourish. And we want to support these connections by aligning our needs for self-care with brands that take responsibility for their ecological footprint and give back to the community. 

Meet Clome & Co.’s founder, Allison

Hello, Friends!


I’m Allison Larouche, a mom, wife, and the founder of Clome & Co.

I established Clome & Co. in 2015 to provide a space for women to express their true selves, break down pressures to be perfect, comfort each other, inspire change, and explore ethical brands that allow them to feel good about the products they purchase.   

When I’m not connecting with the Clome & Co. community, I’m focusing on my other passions, my husband Jérémie, my son Félix, my daughters Chloé and Pénélopé, and my dog besties, Max and Duke.



Contact Info: 

416 786 7928

55 Sunnydene Cres

Toronto ON