Are you subscribed to our NEW JOURNAL?

Okay! It only took a hundred calls to shopify and a few lunch time chats with our new email servicing provider but we are all set up to send out the best emails ever.

I will be doing a lot more promos through our new email platform so you probably want to make sure you are subscribed to it.

I’m not sure exactly how it will evolve but I do know this much is true:

Every Thursday I will be sending out a journal sharing my favourite things that aren’t necessarily things I sell.

🔑I will also be sharing my favourite books, recipes, clean beauty, podcasts, and really cool perspectives from other women in business.

👇🏻If you aren’t sure if you are subscribed, hop over to:


🎈If you really want to earn some Karma, invite a friend to this space, share our website and encourage your friend to join our community via email.

For all of you who voted ‘gold’ or mustard for our branding - this ones for you.



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