Happy International Women’s Day!

I’ve always shared the hard parts of building my business and growing a personal brand. My daughters have been by my side and continue to cheer me on when orders come through, when outfits need to be tried on, when stickers need to be used, and when lip glosses need to be colour swatched. They just want to be seen by me. They want my approval.

I tell them stories of how I used to work in education before I had kids and was a really amazing ‘gym teacher’ (of course I said ‘health and physical education because ‘gym’ is really just a building). I once showed them my Masters Thesis (one of the hardest things I completed) and they were disappointed with the lack of pictures and the ‘boring book cover’. I share my love of reading with them and we discuss all sorts of book genres. Out of all the book titles I’ve shared with them, they both love @michelleobama. We spend a lot of time talking about all the hard things that we want to do in our day. I repeat the phrase ‘you can do hard things’ to them all the time and hope they hear my words when their are grown up girls moving through their own world.

Until then, I will celebrate this time when they still love spending time with me and choose to hold my hand.

I’m sharing some of my favourite female founded businesses we love to shop with today in our stories. You can show your support for them just by following their account. I would love for all of you to share our account with someone you know who is trying to balance all the things while building a business they can be proud of.

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