How To Dress Like Shiv Roy Without Breaking The Bank

Shiv Roy, played by Sarah Snook, is known to be one of the most ambitious and complex characters on the hit TV show Succession. Her character is a force to be reckoned with, not only in her business dealings but also in her impeccable fashion sense. Shiv's outfits and style choices are a reflection of her assertive, confident and powerful personality.

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Shiv's style is classic yet modern, bold yet understated. She often rocks simple tailoring for meetings and business engagements, but also has a knack for picking statement pieces that make a lasting impression. Her outfits are always perfectly tailored to her body, showing off her curves and creating a strong silhouette that commands attention.

One of Shiv's signature pieces is her collection of blazers. She often pairs them with fitted trousers or skirts, making for a sleek and polished look. She also frequently rocks stylish jumpsuits and dresses, all with a modern and chic twist. Her color palette consists of mostly neutral and muted tones, with occasional pops of bold and bright hues.

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Shiv's accessories are also noteworthy. She often sports simple yet elegant jewelry pieces, such as small drop earrings, delicate necklaces or bracelets and scarves. Her handbags range from classic and timeless to more modern and versatile designs.

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Overall, Shiv's style is a perfect representation of her character. She exudes power, drive and confidence, all through her impeccable fashion sense. Her outfits are a perfect blend of classic style and modern trends, all tailored to perfection. Shiv Roy serves as a true style icon to look up to, both on and off the screen.

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