New Brand Alert - 🇨🇦 Meet Aprés Actif

I promised all of you I would be minimizing the amount of expensive sweatsuits on our site after 2 years of lounging in our favourite ‘Jenny Grahams'. I did however noticed that my Jenny Graham sweatsuits were just not cutting it for the dead of winter here in Ontario. I spend a ton of time outside and needed a thicker sweatsuit to cut the Canadian chill. Apres Actif arrived at the perfect time given it launched in 2019 - right before we all didn't know we would be living in sweatsuits. 
I love the line and the price point. I also love that it was founded right here in Ontario. I brought in a good selection of the line which includes sweatsuits (top and bottoms), a ribbed long sleeve (an incredible value at $68 CDN), an actif tech pant  and zip up tech jacket that you can workout out in, wear under ski pants, dog walking and basically all your outdoor activities. I threw in ball caps because everyone has bad hair days and these caps look so cute with the sweat suits. 
I will wear size M in all pieces of the line. This is NOT an oversized sweatsuit line. 
My top pick would be to buy a sweat suit (top and bottom), add a ribbed long sleeve in the same color as the sweatsuit you selected, and toss in a hat Or a merino wool beanie in the same color.  Got it? 


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